House of Praise

A House of Praise:
Collected Hymns 1961-2001

562 pp. pbk.

ISBN 019 1001597 (UK) [OUP]
ISBN 0-916642-74-7 (US) [Hope]

Published: December 2003.

Oxford University Press, as publishers, give this description:

"A House of Praise brings together the collected hymn texts of one of the most respected and widely published contemporary English hymnwriters. Timothy Dudley-Smith has been writing hymn texts for more than 40 years and is represented in more than 250 hymnals throughout the English-speaking world. This volume presents the definitive texts of 285 hymns, including some 50 new texts not to be found in previous collections, arranged thematically. These are complemented by informative notes on all the hymns, listing themes, suggested tunes and details of interest, and the whole is complemented by an extensive series of indexes. As such, the volume establishes the work of this distinguished and eminent hymnwriter."

The 285 texts are set out in the following orders:

1. The Christian year (1-78)

2. Regular daily and weekly Church Services (79-90)

3. Occasional and annual Church Services (91-130)

4. Metrical psalms (131-176)

5. Other metrical Scriptures (177-202)

6. Metrical prayers, canticles and creed (203-216)

7. The Lord Jesus Christ (217-240)

8. Christian experience and discipleship (241-266)

9. Themes and subjects (267-285)

Besides the texts, the book includes an informative Foreword, notes on each text with suggested tunes, and the following indexes:

1. Hymnals and other collections

2. Anthems and other sheet music

3. Recordings

4. Biblical and other sources

5. Translations

6. Discontinued or altered texts

7. Tunes

8. Metrical index

9. Themes and subjects

10. First lines


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